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Ryloo Baby

RylooBaby Wrap Carrier

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New to the market these Ryloo Baby Swaddle Wraps are so EASY TO USE: Each wrap comes with simple and clear instructions so you will easily find the perfect fit every time.

ONE SIZE COMFORT: No matter what size you are, our RylooBaby Wrap Carrier will bundle you up perfectly!

PREMIUM FABRIC: You will get the perfect level of stretchiness and over 200 inches of the finest cotton and stretchy spandex, to keep your little treasure snug and safe, with a smile on their face.

RELAX AND LEARN FASTER: Suited for newborn babies up until 18 months, our RylooBaby Wrap Carrier will give your baby the feeling of being safe and comfortable in a womb, reducing crying by over 45% while keeping them soothed and calm. Being close to you will help them see the world through your eyes, listen to your heartbeat, and experience what you are experiencing.

PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: In search of the perfect baby shower gift? With the RylooBaby Wrap Carrier, you don’t just gift a premium sling, you offer an entire experience, from the moment your loved ones open the package to every minute spent together with their precious baby.