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Own Your Period

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From the start, Own Your Period is different to any guide to puberty or menstruation I’ve seen before. It is not pink and fluffy, it is open and positive, and it is inclusive.

Sheffield-based author Chella Quint aims this book at people who are likely to start their period soon, or those who have recently started, but she encourages others to read and learn too. Terminology is mostly clearly explained, though initial mentions of trans and intersex people could benefit from explanations for the young readers the book is directed at.

Quint treats her readers with respect, which any pre-teen would appreciate. She speaks clearly about the science and biology behind periods, avoiding either patronising or baffling her audience. Periods are her focus in her stand-up, zines and TEDx talk, and her expertise shows. The section on the history of advertising for menstrual products since the 1920s is fascinating.