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Motherhood Mantra Cards

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52 Pregnancy Affirmation Cards | Hypnobirthing Cards | Positive Birthing Cards | Pregnancy Tarot Cards | Oracle Cards | Mindfulness

How you choose to talk to yourself can have a dramatic effect on how you feel about yourself and your pregnancy. Do you talk to yourself with kindness & love? or do you find yourself stuck in a negative space, unable to stop comparing your pregnancy journey to those around you, or find yourself worrying about your ever-changing body or scared that you won’t be a ‘good mum’?

In this deck you will find 52 motherhood mantras, designed to help empower and guide you, teaching you a new way of talking to yourself, radiating compassion, strength, and self-love, helping you align your body and mind, and encouraging you to take a moment out of each day to create a positive space, helping you feel confident and unafraid during your pregnancy and the journey that lays ahead.

Whatever fears you might be facing, I promise you are capable, strong and you were destined to be an incredible mum