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Hanging crochet basket / Vertical storage solution

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A simple yet elegant crochet hanging basket to help you organize your home.

A home always needs some extra space to store and organize little things. These hanging baskets are just perfect if you want a stylish and practical solution to keep your surfaces clutter-free.

Where can you use it?
In your hallway, in your living room, in your nursery, in your kitchen, in your bedroom, in your children’s playroom, in your office, everywhere. I have the prototype in the hallway holding my son’s scarves and hats.

What can you put in it?
Plants, small toys, accessories, a few books, scarves, hats, tealights, bits, and bobs. Your imagination is the only limit.

The baskets are made of eco-conscious recycled braided cord and a beechwood ring. The cord has a polyester core. Polyester has low water absorption and it makes the finished product durable, strong, and yet elastic enough to retain its shape.

Ready-made products can be washed in 30 °C in hand wash program.
Please note the colour might slightly differ due to light.

A modified pattern of DeBrosse NY.

Height: 33 cm with wooden ring Width: 22cm Depth: 16cm