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Christmas Stocking - Drum Embroidery

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This cinnamon coloured drum embroidered Christmas stocking is the perfect home for keeping your little one's gifts tucked away from hands and eyes ready for the big day.

Watch your little one's eyes fill with wonder and excitement as they pull out their presents from their stocking on Christmas morning.

This beautifully embroidered stocking is sure to be used year after year and become a treasured family Christmas tradition year after year, to be passed on to generations to come.

The 2021 Fabelab Christmas Collection is inspired by magical adventures in the Land of Fabelab. Earthy warm tones from nature and inspired by Gingerbread Houses, create the fundamental hues of this season’s collection. Combined with a muted eucalyptus colour, a bold blue and traditional red, Fabelab creates a fresh and whimsical look for this Christmas collection. The greens of natural branches and the good old Christmas tree create the perfect backdrop, complementing the warm colour palette.

Brand: Fabela
Made from: 100% organic cotton

Dimensions: Size: 55cm