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Pursuit of Adventure

Chalk Board Sword & Shield

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Includes –Chalkboard shield x1, wooden sword x1

The Sword and Shield is one of our favourite products, great for battles or defending your castle. You can make your shield your own and customise it with your own design in chalk whenever you like!

All of our toy designs are fun, beautiful, and eco-friendly. We’re making sharp edges, small bolts, and picky screws a thing of the past. No more lost parts and ruined fun!
Pursuit of Adventure products will stand proud throughout the home and garden.

Our products are great for developing building skills; the end result is a play haven. When thriving minds grow weary and playtime is up, your kids’ created worlds can be easily flat-packed. Undo the slots, push all the pieces together, and place the playhouse under the sofa, against the wall, or where so ever else you fancy.

All of our products are made from 12mm birch ply and chalkboard material – a durable and naturally biodegradable material. Though weather-resistant, storing your playhouse under cover will keep it in good knick for longer. The materials and products are renewable and are non-toxic. All of our playhouses are made by hand with love, care and devotion.