Welcome to The Lion and The Bear

Welcome to The Lion and The Bear

A brand new Independent shop for children, families and anyone who needs something different. We are online for now, but soon to be right in the centre of town on one of Farnham’s oldest cobbled streets. (The first clue I can give you!)

The Lion and The Bear (I am super excited to announce) launches online today, for all your needs, décor, toys, gifts, children’s clothes (up to age 10); and all other things unique and wonderful.

So why, what, when, how?

Well firstly why? Because I found something I loved doing, and was good at, and it didn’t work out – we all make bad judgements right? That doesn’t mean I had to give up, so I grew an even thicker skin and put in to practice what I preach, and told myself to get up and work hard for what I believe in and don’t let someone ruin your dreams, as an unknown author once said “Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” Can I have a hallelujah!

So What? What have I learnt over the last few weeks and months? Heartache, heartbreak, deceit and duplicity, but also success, strength and determination and that is what makes me, well me, so I created my own vision of me which I hope shines through in The Lion and The Bear, a vision that I hope you will love and cherish as much as I do.

So when? Well today, a slow launch whereby I can build my trust and confidence again, so online only - initially, but I have to have a place where I can see and talk to my customers many of whom became familiar and friends to me so I do have a new store coming soon, in the centre of Farnham. The 2nd clue is in the name….After all, humans are social beings and having got to know some really wonderful people at my previous store, I listened. I listened to your ideas, what you wanted and here I am.

So How? Well I left to focus on what I believe to be important and that is you! When I met all my beautiful customers, a single spark, a conversation or instinctive feeling would make my heart race with excitement as to what I need to do to make my business grow to serve you, so here I am, and my promise to you will be and always will be authenticity, the best price, the best service and the best of the best, mainly in the UK, never from anywhere that supports, unethical production or trade.

Having drawn on experience and your suggestions, I have sourced the best independent brands, ever, wait until you see them; they will be showcased beautifully and often, I like to do this because I want to support them as much as possible and help them to grow magnificently in whichever way I can.

I sell clothing from 0 to 10 years that children can grow up in, grow out of and hand on and on, chosen for their thoughtful design and singularity. Clothes that children will love to wear without compromising on the social and environmental aspects of production.

What else? Well, I have meticulously selected brands that make the most amazing, beautiful toys, gifts and accessories and we will update our products regularly, focus on some educational toys, but also stock an ever-changing collection of beautiful handmade toys and special gifts that you will never get bored of.

I also want to support new businesses so do get in touch if you have started creating something, it just needs to be special and from the heart.

I deliver free of charge within 20 mile radius of GU10 and only charge standard delivery prices nationwide of £2.95. We gift wrap for free, everything should look beautiful right?? We don’t charge you for gift boxes, packaging or cards.

So I think I’ve said enough, I hope I can count on your support over the next few months to shop independently, shop locally and shop for fun, silliness and uniqueness whenever you can.

You determine the brands we stock, and that’s why I created this brand for you so it leaves me to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021 from my family to yours; I hope we can rekindle instantly xx